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Designed by Marina Zuy
Skirt length is 1 meter
Hips 90-105 cm
Bra 2-4 size
5000-6000 ss16 and ss20 hotfix stones used
Also big sew on stones used
Shorts are sewn in the suit. It makes the suit comfortable and reliable.
English laces
Dimensional flowers, visually enhancing the hips
Petticoat with three tiers of ruffles
On the bottom of the skirt is regilin
The model is Marina Zuy
Photographed by Sergey Zorkiy
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 Hey Everyone, A new Azphodel Track is up on the website at www.azphodel.com! Please have a listen and visit the Members page to download, if you like (for free, even). Much more to come! Thanks,

Hi Everyone,

As a musician that often performs with or for belly dancers, I thought I'd post to the bellydancelv community to see what people are listening to and what they prefer music-wise.

Of course there are a number of divergent styles of belly dance and quite a lot of different musical tastes out there. But I ask because though my current project Azphodel has focused on Tribal Fusion (somewhat), I aim to take that project in a different direction but will continue to delve deeper into the tribal fusion and world fusion dance movements with other projects.

Also, as a player of several traditional Near Eastern instruments (mainly Turkish yaylı tanbur and Turkish mey), a lot of my focus currently is on instrument technique and Turkish art and folk music. I also play a selection of Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek and other music other than Turkish. Any dancers out there that love the traditional (or a fresh new take on traditional) stuff that have input, please chime in!!

Thanks everyone,

~Zane Lazos
Musick video with premier beat electronique old world fusion Azphodel, intertwined with Portland's premier dance troupe - Apsara, recently seen with Le Serpent Rouge.

Please comment if you love it.

belly dance, bellydance, nw belly dance, tribal fusion, world fusion
*takes deep breath*
ok, next up for sale is
my beautiful brass color coin and bell bra and belt set
removed from bra and belt bases
like new
looks like the Ancient Reflections II from Dahlal. probably from the same manufacturer.

$250 + shipping or best offer
final sale
cashier's check or postal money order please.
can't have money stuck in paypal

please feel free to pm, email or call / text with questions
sabrinabellydancer at gmail dot com

Bra Cover with Belly Drape
will fit A-D depending on how you sew the bra cover on your base bra
an A will of course have a longer belly drape
back strap chain is 37" long...not that it really makes a difference cause this set should be sewn onto a sturdy base

includes an extra matching belly drape i just scored. was gonna make a matching head piece. can also be attached for extra coverage on belly or to make bra cover larger

43" end to end. can be shortened with proper tools like pliers
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 i need to sell a beautiful cherry red and gold madame abla knock off.
is like new.
for sale on bhuz.
if you want it please post IN THE BHUZ THREAD to avoid confusion.
if you must have it, please contact me asap before it sells on the forum
all details here
$265 + shipping

Welcome to the Las Vegas Belly Dance Community!
This is a list of current events, class, ect. taking place in Las Vegas. I'm going to try to keep it up to date as possible. If there is something not listed then please comment to this post with the event name, dates, times, a short description, and a link if possible. I need YOUR help to make this everything is can be! Thank you!

Classes & Workshops
Tribal Massive feat. Rachel Brice & The Indigo March 4th - 9th, 2008
6 days of workshops by Rachel Brice & Mardi Love

Belly Dance Intensive September 5th - 7th, 2008
Feat. Ava Fleming, Kami Liddle, and Karim Nagi. More TBA
The Massive Spectacular March 7th, 2008;
Rerformaces by Rachel Brice and Mardi Love! Special Guest Stars: Aradia, Tanya, Amira, LAVA, The Scott Brothers, Daughters of Durga! and more; $30